Ogilvie Raceway

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Saturday Night Racing at the Big O!

Saturday Night Racing at the Big O!

Come join us for racing every Saturday Night starting at 6:30! See our schedule for more details.

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Perfect Weather Welcomed Thousands of Fans to Wagamon's Ogilvie Raceway for the Big O Showdown Featuring the WoO Sprint Cars!


Ogilvie Raceway

Perfect Weather Welcomed Thousands of Fans to Wagamon's Ogilvie Raceway for the Big O Showdown Featuring the WoO Sprint Cars!

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Ogilvie, MN (June 8) – Thousands of fans made the drive to Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway on Saturday night to watch the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars presented by Wagamon Brothers turn laps at the Big O Showdown. 28 WoO Sprints signed in to battle for the event, as well as 24 UMSS Winged Sprint Cars. The night was full of great racing, lots of fun, and a very exciting final lap finish in the WoO feature – fans were treated to an awesome show!

The UMSS Sprint Cars were the first feature of the night with Tony Kaus and Brett Peterson on row one. As the green dropped, Kaus took the lead, with Michael Stien and Peterson as the top three at the end of lap one. Five laps were quickly completed as cars covered the whole track surface and Stien made his way to the top point. Owen Carlson took second and Chase Viebrock grabbed third as they looked ahead for the leader. Carlson quickly caught and passed Stien for the top point, then set his cruise. Laps passed without issue as Carlson extended his lead to over 2.5 seconds, however a caution was soon triggered. The field was reset with Carlson, Viebrock and Stein in first, second and third as the green waved. Carlson reset his cruise control as he dominated the curves of the Big O the remaining laps and took the double checkers. Chase Viebrock, Jamey Ogston, Brett Peterson and Patrick Heikkinen rounded out the top points.

24 of the biggest and fastest World of Outlaw Sprint Cars took the clay and lined up two-by-two for Saturday’s 30 lap main event. Carson Macedo and Sheldon Haudenschild brought the drivers to the stand, and as the green waved, Macedo sped off with the lead. Michael Kofoid grabbed second and Haudenschild held third as the top three drivers separated from the field. Just a handful of laps were in the books when Macedo began to put drivers down a lap. Just as traffic began to slow the leader, the yellow waved and drivers were slowed. Macedo and Kofoid brought the drivers back to green, however contact occurred off the start and cars piled up in turn one forcing the red light to flicker on. Once the drivers were sorted and realigned, Macedo remained in command with Kofoid and Haudenschild in his path. The top drivers remained the same as the race resumed and laps passed.

In a few short laps, Macedo and Haudenschild were once again ready to lap drivers with Kofoid not far behind. Haudenschild remained in the second point and kept close to Macedo as they battled lapped traffic. Kofoid raced to the side of Haudenschild and tried to pull a slider, however, couldn’t stick the job and Haudenschild held second. Kofoid moved back to challenge Haudenschild as they remained within a half-second of Macedo. As the white flag was raised, Macedo was in lapped traffic which allowed Haudenschild and Kofoid to race to his sides. They entered the final curve with Haudenschild and Kofoid flying past Macedo. On the turns exit, they all put their foot down and shot down the chute to the flag stand nearly four-wide with a slower driver. At the line, Sheldon Haudenschild crossed first and took the exciting win, followed by Carson Macedo, Michael Kofoid, Donny Schartz and Giovanni Scelzi grabbing top points.

With the final checkers flying, the Big O Showdown was successfully completed with a rather exciting finish. Next week will be another big night at the Ogilvie Raceway with the Fast Lane Super Stock Series coming to town, and the UMSS Winged and Traditional Sprints will also be back for more Sprint Car action. Racing will resume at 6:30pm.

Article Credit: Photo By: Mike Wadsen

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