Ogilvie Raceway

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WoO Sprint Tickets now on sale

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Keith Tourville takes Sixth Straight Street Stock Win as the DRC Street Stock Tour Visits the Ogilvie Raceway.


Ogilvie Raceway

Keith Tourville takes Sixth Straight Street Stock Win as the DRC Street Stock Tour Visits the Ogilvie Raceway.

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Ogilvie, MN (July 30) – Bright blue skies and comfortable temps welcomed many fans and racers to Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway Saturday night for a night of WISSOTA Dirt Race Action. The Dirt Race Central Street Stock Tour made their stop and the Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Hornets, Mod Fours and Late Models were also on the agenda for the night. Dexton Koch, Cole Chernosky, Dustin Holtquist, Don Shaw and Carter Matthews claimed wins and Keith Tourville grabbed the Tour Win.

Denis Czech and James Trantina took their places on row one as the WISSOTA Super Stocks kicked off the night’s feature races. After an immediate caution, Czech nosed out the top point while Trantina held second. Dexton Koch went from sixth to second at the end of lap two, and before lap three was scored, Koch took the top point. Brandon Duellman slid past Czech for second and chased after Koch. Czech didn’t let Duellman out of his grasp and soon they were door to door for second. With just three laps to go, a caution was triggered for debris which put Czech and Duellman on the bumper of Koch. Koch sped away as the green waved, but Czech gave a final push at the end. Denis Czech settled for second as Dexton Koch took the win. Brandon Duellman, Cole Chernosky and James Trantina rounded out the top points.

The DRC Street Stock tour was the next race of the night and 26 WISSOTA Street Stocks took the clay for their 25 lap event. Andrew Hanson and Nick Traynor battled door to door for the lead with Justin Vogel on their rears. Traynor nosed out the lead however as they came down the back-chute, Traynor lost a tire and made hard contact with the wall. The yellow waved and the field was reset with Vogel in charge. Vogel held the top point while other drivers raced two-by-two behind him. After another caution, Keith Tourville took advantage of the restart and took the lead as a couple more cautions occurred. Tourville remained in command, Kyle Dykhoff grabbed second and Jonny Carter took third, with four other drivers battling for fourth. A final caution slowed the drivers but, on the restart, Carter, Dykhoff, Jim Gullikson and Kyle Anderson battled nearly four-wide for second. Carter edged out the second point while others remained in battle. As the checkers waved, contact occurred and drivers collided in turn three, but the race was scored as complete. Jonny Carter, Kyle Anderson, Kyle Dykhoff and Jim Gullikson scored points two through five while Keith Tourville took the win.

Max Nelson and Don Shaw led the Racer’s X WISSOTA Late Models to the stand, and Nelson took the immediate lead. Shaw raced to the outside of Nelson with Dave Mass right behind. Nelson held the lead but as they rounded the turn two, Shaw dove low on the track and shot into the top point. As laps went by, Shaw began to put drivers down a lap and Mass moved into the second point. Shaw was held up by a slower driver which allowed Mass to close the gap that Shaw had established. Mass continued to chase Shaw, and with less than a second between them, Don Shaw took the win. Dave Mass, Andy Jones, Josh Zimpel and Max Nelson took the top points.

Row One of the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds featured Rick Grams and Tanner Gehl, and at the end of the opening lap, Grams was in command. Within the first five laps of the feature, a handful of cautions took place keeping the drivers at a stop and go pace. As the race resumed with a few laps complete, Cole Chernosky had taken the top point. Chernosky stretched out his lead with David Swearingen in second and Cole Boston in third. Cars covered the whole race surface as slower drivers began to go down a lap. The remaining laps went by without incident and Cole Chernosky took the checkers. Points two through five went to David Swearingen, Cole Boston, Rick Grams and Wyatt Boyum.

Robert Holtquist and Tyler Larson battled side by side for first as the WISSOTA Mod Fours went green, and Dustin Holtquist joined the battle. The top three drivers raced close and nearly three-wide as laps went by. Dustin Holtquist edged out the lead and separated himself from the field. Robert Holtquist held second but Tommy Pogones moved in to battle. As the white flag waved, Tommy Pogones took second with Robert Holtquist, Tyler Larson and Denis Czech in points three through five with Dustin Holtquist taking his #5H to victory lane.

The WISSOTA Hornets wrapped up the night’s events with Presley Patrin and Adam Throener on row one. Throener was the leader at lap one, but soon Marcus Ammerman and Patrin made the battle three-wide. Ammerman took the lead point as Carter Matthews moved into second and put pressure on Ammerman. Just then, Bobie Arnes slid high in turn four and hit the track wall. Arnes was ok but unable to continue racing and the field was reset. Ammerman brought the drivers back to green with just five laps to go. Matthews was three wide with Throener and Brandon Nyberg for second until he raced to Ammerman’s side. Matthews and Ammerman were nose to nose as the white waved, and as they rounded the curves, Carter Matthews edged out the win. Marcus Ammerman settled for second with Brandon Nyberg, Presley Patrin and Brady Albertson as the top drivers.

The Ogilvie Raceway will take next weekend off, however, will be back in action on Saturday August 12th for our Kids Night Bike Giveaway. Racing will resume at 6:30pm.

Article Credit: Photo By: Mike Wadsen

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