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    Super Stock Series Set for 5th Year!


    Gondik Law Speedway

    Super Stock Series Set for 5th Year!

    This year marks the fifth year for the Series set up to recognize the Super Stock Class. Series Spokesman Dennis McCauley and FastLane Motorsports & Powdercoating owner Chris Bretting have been working since late November to again bring the fans and drivers of the Super Stock Class a great mid-summer event for this year. Bretting & McCauley in mid 2014 sat down and wanted to do something for the Super Stocks, who rarely have any specials during the summer racing season, and thought if a few tracks could come on board offering a enhanced payout during their scheduled event that it would make a great short Series with rounding up a few sponsors for a payout for those drivers who competed at the events. Little did they know a few short years later it would be so well attended by some of the best Super Stock Racers in WISSOTA Country.
    In 2015 the Series raced at its inaugural three tracks Gondik Law Speedway in Superior WI, ABC Raceway in Ashland WI and Proctor Speedway all tracks that Bretting & McCauley were very familiar with and tracks that supported the fledgling Series to see where it may lead. The first year brought car counts about 20’s at each of the tracks with 16 drivers, mostly of whom raced at the three tracks anyways, competing at all three of the events. After a postponed night Curt Meyers of Cameron WI took home the lion’s share of purse sweeping all three events and with the bonuses landed him a $2,850 check at the end of it all from the Series not including individual purse paid out at each track. Andy Davey, Scott Lawrence, Jeff Klopstein, Nick Oreskovich, Kevin Burdick, Shane Kisling, Willie Johnsen Jr, Andy Grymala and Cory Casari rounded out the top ten. Each of the 16 drivers who competed at all of the events took home at least $200 for their efforts from the Series purse in that first year not including gift certificates that Bretting surprised the drivers with to the FastLane Motorsports parts truck that is always at each of the tracks in amounts of $50 to $300 each. The Series in its first year paid out over $11,000 in cash and prizes which vastly exceeded what was originally set out to start the Series. Sitting down afterwards Bretting said “Of course you know this has to be done again next year!” And so it began.
    The 2016 Series again had the three core tracks on board with some great drivers in attendance. Although the word was spreading the attendance was still around the 20’s at each of the tracks but we saw some young men from a ways away come venture out to take a chance at this new opportunity in Jared & Josh Zimpel. The Series saw only 15 drivers compete at all of the races that year taking home at least $300 each in their efforts and Scott Lawrence of Superior WI taking home the Series Title and the $1,200 paycheck. Dave Mass, Shane Sabraski, Kevin Burdick, Shane Kisling, Cory Casari, Shawn McFadden Jr, Willie Johnsen Jr, DJ Keeler and Jeff Klopstein rounded out the top 10. Again Bretting stepped up to the plate at the final event and handed out certificates to every driver who competed at all three events, thanking those drivers for their continued support. The Series itself showed a modest increase to paying out just over $13,000 in cash and prizes.
    After some long talks the following winter Bretting and McCauley again set out to bring the Series to the 3 core tracks but wanted to get the word out to entice more drivers. McCauley began an active campaign to talk to drivers at numerous tracks, handing out flyers and doing what he could to get drivers involved. The Series started some Social Media recruitment and began to get some commitments from many out of town drivers. 2017 brought the increase the Series was hoping in drivers having over 40 drivers in attendance for a forced rain postponement in Superior and brought what is still a Series high of 49 drivers to ABC Raceway in Ashland for what would then be the kickoff night. The Series saw 24 drivers compete at all three events taking home at least $250 and another 11 drivers who were awarded show up money for registering at Superior before the rain came, all who took home $125 for their attempts. Even though those 11 drivers did not make it back to the rescheduled event in Superior the Series wanted to put forth a good faith effort for those drivers who did the same to show their support was appreciated. Bretting again awarded those 24 drivers who made all three events Certificates and with the extra efforts of McCauley rounding up Sponsorship Dave Mass of East Bethel MN took home the first place check of $1,200 and the Series paid out to the Drivers a total of over $18,000 in purse and certificates. Kevin Burdick, Shane Kisling, Shawn McFadden Jr, Scott Lawrence, Willie Johnsen Jr, Nick Oreskovich, Cory Casari, DJ Keeler and Jeff Klopstein Jr rounded out the top 10 with 55 different drivers competing in the Series that year which proved the Series was gaining ground and efforts were paying off.
    The long offseason again brought Bretting & McCauley to the table now knowing that they had built a quality little venture that was showcasing some of the best drivers around and also helping them afford the sport/hobby they chose to compete in. Bretting & McCauley again wanted to continue the Series and keep making it better if they could, little did they know at the time but the Granite City Speedway would provide that opportunity. Granite City Promoter at that time Carson Gramm contacted the Series inquiring about taking part in the upcoming year. With Granite City also running on Friday night it would mean pushing the Series to two weekends and a standalone event. Luckily when contacting Hibbing Raceway they wanted to take part and for 2018 the Series was set to host five events over two weekends. To make this happen Gondik Law and ABC would graciously give their Super Stocks the first weekend off and Granite City and Hibbing would give their Super Stocks the night off the following weekend to accommodate the Series and their Drivers to compete in the Series. The Series again set out a relentless campaign on Social Media along with track visits to the Super Stock Drivers like Nick Oreskovich who stated on numerous occasions “I have a dozen of these flyers in my truck and posts on my Facebook page every other week. I will be there!” McCauley’s reply was always “Then I guess I am doing my job to make sure you know about it!” The Series started out with over 45 drivers at Granite City of which most of them continued the next night in Hibbing in two action packed evenings with crowded pits at their respective tracks. Drivers came from all over Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and even a straggler from our neighbor up north. The biggest worry that year for the Series was what would happen if we encountered a rain out, since the event would need to be made up. Luckily all five nights went off without a hitch and the Series saw 27 drivers compete at all five of the nights of the Series taking home a minimum of $350. We saw another nine drivers make it to at least 3 of the events which the Series awarded them at least $150 for helping out. In total 69 drivers competed at one of the events last year with 49 drivers taking home a portion of the $24,000 in Series Purse. The Series saw Kevin Burdick take the crown home along with a $1,300 paycheck for his efforts. DJ Keeler, Tim Johnson, Dave Flynn, Curt Myers, Scott Lawrence, Dave Mass, Kurt Becken, Nick Oreskovich and Jim Campbell rounded out the top ten for the year. Bretting again for the fourth year stepped up and presented the 27 drivers who raced at all five events random certificates from $50 to $300 totaling almost $4,000 to cap off their weekend. In all over $30,000 in purse and prizes were paid out by the Series with an additional $15,000 in purse paid out over the five nights on an individual track basis totaling over $45,000 paid to the drivers participating at the five events over two weekends.
    So what does 2019 have in store for the Series and its dedicated Super Stock Drivers? The campaign will again encompass a five track venture with its three core tracks Gondik Law Speedway, ABC Raceway and Proctor Speedway competing the second weekend of July 19th to 21st. Granite City will again be hosting an event now with their race program on Sunday evenings July 14th. Filling in the gap that Hibbing left after last year we are excited to kick off the Series at Ogilvie Raceway on a very highly anticipated race night with the World of Outlaw Late Models on July 13th. The Series has already begun notifying potential entrants of the schedule and overwhelmingly the drivers are enthusiastic about the upcoming year and venues. Some comments recently stated by drivers “What I really enjoy regarding the Super Stock Series is the level of competition is top notch. Racing in the Series is the best thing you can do to get better!” (Patrick Beeksma) “It’s amazing to see so many people like the community and sponsors come together and support the Super Stocks, this is an event I look forward to racing every season!” (Scott Lawrence) “We like the way its set up with prize money going through the ranks, not just the winner which keeps the competition strong. I look forward to running against the best of the best, if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out!” (Andy Miskowic) “The addition of two venues made this even more prestigious, you and your crew need to bring you’re A game!” (Jim Campbell) “The whole deal is second to none you can count on us to be there year in and year out!” (Jared Zimpel) “The Series has been an amazing deal for the Super Stocks! With an increased purse and a sizeable point’s purse I don’t see it getting any smaller this year.” (Nick Oreskovich) “The Series has a ‘driver first’ mentality and that is what attracts so many drivers” (Don Eischens). The Series goal is to bring over 40 entrants to each track this year and hopefully bust that 50 barrier at a couple for the first time.
    The Series will use the old WISSOTA point system awarding drivers points for heat races and feature events. The old point structure was decided upon by Series Statistician John Kimmes based on the relatively small number of races and with the smaller gaps in points it keeps the point chase close and manageable for drivers. This year the Series will pay out the top 15 spots in points as opposed to the previous year’s paying only the top ten. The hope is to bring those five more drivers a slightly higher payout and continue those point battles deeper in the field. We will again have a very competitive purse payout throughout the field and not just top heavy. We realize that every driver has the same bills to pay and they all should be awarded as much as they can for their efforts. The Series will have win bonuses based on if a driver can win three or more features in the Series. Again we want to award our drivers who finish outside the top 15 in points but make at least three or all five of the shows and will be awarding a participant bonus. We are actively seeking sponsorship for many contingency prizes such as Hard Charger, Non-Qualifier, Random Drawings, Long Tow, Hard Luck, Gift Certificates and any other prizes to make these Super Stock Drivers and Teams feel appreciated.
    The Series will take place July 13th at Ogilvie Raceway, July 14th at Granite City Speedway, July 19th at Gondik Law Speedway, July 20th at ABC Raceway and July 21st at Proctor Speedway. If a postponement occurs the race will take place at that tracks next regular night that the Super Stocks compete that does not conflict with a Series date, or that tracks “Special Event”. The Series would like to recognize all five of the participating tracks for their support to the Super Stock Class and a special Thank You for working with their competing tracks to allow their regular drivers to compete in the Series. If you would like to come on board to help out the Series please contact Spokesman Dennis McCauley at 218-348-9919 and see you at an event near you!

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