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Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Jun 02, 2012 - Mass Double-dips, Checkers fly for VandeKamp, Pogones and Halls

Ogilvie Raceway

By: R.J. Sahlstrom (June 2)


Ogilvie Raceway was the place to be when the WISSOTA Dirt Track Racing Series hit the “BIG O” surface. The weather was arguably the best so far in the 2012 racing season. A great field of race teams signed in at the pit gate anticipating some great race action. The fans in the stands were eye witnesses to some of the best racing to be found anywhere.


The WISSOTA Modified heat race victories were claimed by Jody Bellefeuille and Dano Ostrander. Leading the field to green for the “BIG O Show” were Clayton Wagamon and Brett Johnson. Johnson placed a stake on the lead and would drive a masterful race until the yellow lights made their only appearance of the event on lap ten. Unfortunately the leader encountered a lapped car that spun right in front of him in turn two forcing him into the retaining wall. Johnson tried to stay in front on the restart, but Dave Mass took over the lead getting past Johnson. Johnson’s car sustained front end damage in the earlier incident that would force him to retire to the pits two laps later. Mass led all the rest of the circuits taking his Shaw Trucking rocket to victory lane. He took his second checkers of the night chased by Bellefeuille, Wagamon, Larry Zeller and Ostrander.


The WISSOTA Super Stock heat race wins went to Mike Loomis and Dave Mass. Pacing the field to green in the Feature were Kyle Robideau and Brandon Englund. Englund took the initial lead on lap one only to see it taken away on the next lap by Mass. Then Mass set sail on a course that would land him on the shores of winner’s circle finishing a clean sweep in the Lube Tech car. He was followed by Loomis, Dan Gullikson, Mike Bellefeuille and Robideau.


The WISSOTA Midwest Modified heat winners were Jeremy Nelson, Bud Martini, Jeremy Houle and Ryan Bowers. A 33 car field required a Consolation race to fill the 24 car field for the A-Main. Qualifying from the B-Feature were “Flyin” Ryan Putnam, Shane Gerwing, Tim Siercks and Zach Stewart. Sitting on the front row for the Feature were Brandon Bombardo and Bowers. Bowers jumped out to the front when the green dropped and led the first two circuits. Nelson made a successful bid for the lead on lap three and survived a few cautions pacing the strong field through lap eight. Jason VandeKamp orchestrated a pass for the lead on lap nine and held off all challengers in hot pursuit of the front position for all remaining laps. He earned a trip to victory lane for the second week in a row in the Nelson’s Show and Go sponsored ride. Behind him at the checkers were Nelson, Dan Ebert, Houle and Bowers.


The WISSOTA Street Stock heat checkers were taken by Keith Tourville and Kevin Schmidt. Leading the field to the Feature green were Jeff Frey and Adam Prieve. Prieve would take the initial lead on lap one as did Frey who led lap two. Tourville became the third driver to take a shot at the lead and would stay there from laps three through seven. Justin Pogones would become the fourth and final leader of the event on lap eight and led all remaining laps to take the AJ’s Complete Automotive ride into the winner’s circle. Following him at the finish were Brad Schmidt, Tourville, Kevin Schmidt and John Adams.


The WISSOTA Mod-4 heat was won by Matt Halls. Starting on the front row for the Feature were Andrew Kresal and Chad Funt. Three drivers tangled in turn 4 on lap one resulting in Kyle Thell going to the pits on a hook. Tyler Larson took the early lead on the restart and led the first three laps. Halls then passed Larson to take the lead on lap four and never looked back. He completed a clean sweep in his Laske Chassis chased to the checkers by Larson, Funt and Kresal.


Quain Busitzky and Sam Lungstrom took the checkers in the Hornet heats. Lungstrom completed a clean sweep as he won the Feature. Lungstrom also dominated the Make-up Feature from 5/19 earning a trip to victory lane.


The next event at Ogilvie Raceway will be a regular race program on Saturday June 9th. The first green flag drops at 6:30pm.  If you are looking for some exciting dirt track racing on a Saturday night, come to the “BIG O” for dirt track racing at its finest.




WISSOTA Modified

Heat 1: Bellefeuille, B. Johnson, Zeller, Ebert, Nelson, JT Johnson, Blood, Schuelke

Heat 2: Ostrander, Mass, Wagamon, Voigt, Tourville, Peterson, Holm, Pomeroy

Feature:  Dave Mass, Jody Bellefeuille, Clayton Wagamon, Larry Zeller, Dano Ostrander, Dan Ebert, Dustin Nelson, JT Johnson, Jason Voigt, John Schuelke, Scott Pomeroy, Kristopher Peterson, Mark Blood, Denny Holm, Brett Johnson, Keith Tourville


WISSOTA Super Stock

Heat 1: Loomis, Bellefeuille, Schmidt, Johnson, Swalboski, Hofteig, McCain, Malecki

Heat 2: Mass, Gullikson, Englund, Robideau, Wark, Schouveller, Tabatt, Robyn

Feature: Dave Mass, Mike Loomis, Dan Gullikson, Mike Bellefeuille, Kyle Robideau, Chris Wark, Donna Schmidt, Brandon Englund, Chris Johnson, Bruce Schouveller, Jason Tabatt, Dexter Robyn, Jacob Swalboski, Jon McCain, Ronnie Malecki, Andy Hofteig


WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Heat 1: Jeremy Nelson, Bombardo, Voigt, Matuska, Fontecchio, VanderPlaats, Fouquette, Gallipo, John Nelson

Heat 2: Martini, Zander, D. Siercks, Perry, Lien, Inman, Stewart, Davis, Reineke

Heat 3: Houle, Oestreich, Ebert, English, Kyllonen, Putnam, Gerwing, Schulte

Heat 4: Bowers, VandeKamp, Kennedy, Joel Madson, Newgard, T. Siercks, Bauman, Josh Madson

B-Feature: Putnam, Gerwing, T. Siercks, Stewart, Brett VanderPlaats, Mike Reineke, Colbie Gallipo, John Nelson, Chad Fouquette, Ricky Davis, Cory Bauman, Andrew Inman, Travis Schulte, Josh Madson

A-Feature: Jason VandeKamp, Jeremy Nelson, Dan Ebert, Jeremy Houle, Ryan Bowers, Joe Voigt, David Siercks, Charlie Zander, Kyle Matuska, Jeffery Lien, Jr., Tyler English, Tim Siercks, Shane Gerwing, Zach Stewart, Brandon Bombardo, Mike Kyllonen, Bud Martini, Justin Oestreich, Gabe Kennedy, Joel Madson, Clark Perry, Kevin Newgard, Ryan Putnam, Gino Fontecchio


WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat 1: Tourville, Pogones, Zerfas, B. Schmidt, Adams, Howland, Jones, Voigt

Heat 2: K. Schmidt, Becken, Frey, Prieve, Weyer, Busitzky, Claassen  

Feature: Justin Pogones, Brad Schmidt, Keith Tourville, Kevin Schmidt, John Adams, Kyle Howland, Patrick Zerfas, Jeff Frey, Kurt Becken, Chad Claassen, Adam Prieve, Dylan Jones, Mark Voigt, Chad Weyer, Quentin Busitzky



Heat: Halls, Larson, Thell, Funt, Kresal

Feature: Matt Halls, Tyler Larson, Chad Funt, Andrew Kresal, Kyle Thell



Make-up Feature from 5/19: Sam Lungstrom, Clay Blosberg, Quain Busitzky, Travis Swanson, Noah Olson, Brady Grummons, Levi Voss, Matthew Dibb, Jenna Kraft, Jacob Olson, Payton English, Brandon Opsahl, Dillon Troupe, Teale Kraft, Madison Zerfas, Tyler Troupe

Heat 1: Busitzky, Swanson, N. Olson, Voss, Keeney, Grummons, Dibb, Opsahl, English

Heat 2: Lungstrom, Blosberg, Paulson, T. Kraft, D. Troupe, J. Olson, J. Kraft, Zerfas, Hooper Feature: Sam Lungstrom, Clay Blosberg, Noah Olson, Travis Swanson, Teale Kraft, Levi Voss, Christopher Keeney, Matthew Dibb, Brady Grummons, Brandon Opsahl, Dillon Troupe, Josh Paulson, Jacob Olson, Jenna Kraft, Madison Zerfas, Quain Busitzky, Payton English, Wyatt Hooper


Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway

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