Midweek Modified Madness

Ogilvie Raceway is thrilled to announce the Chubbs Performance Midweek Modified Madness event coming to The Big O on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017! This event will combine the best of the best: the United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS) and an unsanctioned outlaw B-Mod Special!

Midweek Modified Madness will feature a top B-Mod paycheck of $3,001 to win and $200 to start guaranteed. This unsanctioned B-Mod event is limited to drivers that drive in the B-Mod or lower classes or drivers that would qualify as a rookie and not currently a rookie in every class event officials consider to be higher than a B-Mod. For this event, NO Super Stock, AMod, Late Model or Sprint car drivers or equivalent are allowed. The spirit and intent of this event is to reward B-Mod drivers with the chance at a bigger paycheck and recognition. All entries will be reviewed and finalized at the discretion of the event officials. Final reviews may be completed at the end of the event and no refunds will be given for ineligibility. If you are concerned about your eligibility or have rookie status questions, please contact Nate at 763.267.4572 prior to registration. Please respect the spirit and intent of this event. WISSOTA, USRA and IMCA B-Mod Drivers are invited to compete! You must follow the rules of your licensed sanctioning body.

Drivers MUST pre-register for this event by Sunday, June 11th. Entry fee of $100 includes car and driver. Mail your MANDITORY pre-registration form to Nate at Ogilvie Raceway, 1539 MN-23, Ogilvie, MN 56358.

Special thanks to Chubbs Performance of Clear Lake, Minnesota for sponsoring the 2nd Annual Midweek Modified Madness! We also greatly appreciate the event supporting sponsor: Victory Door Systems of Clear Lake, Minnesota. Ogilvie Raceway is proud to have them supporting this exciting event!