85 Emily Acciari

85 Emily Acciari

Driver Hometown:Milaca MN
Age Began Racing:15
Twitter Page URL:
Facebook Page URL:Acciari Racing

How did you get into racing?
My aunt and uncle brought me to a racetrack and that’s when I fell in love with the sport.
What is your favorite night at the track?
Firework spectacular night .
What do you do when you aren’t racing?
Hang out with family and friends.
What is your best racing memory?
To be determined
Any other fun facts you’d like to share about yourself?
I like horses and hanging out with family and friends
What do you wish more people knew about racing? That is is a sport and it’s harder than just going in circles, also it’s more than just racing, it’s a family community everyone is here to help everyone and have a good time.

What’s the biggest challenge you face with racing? To be determined

Do you have any advice for someone that is new to racing? To be determined

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