27M Bodhy Monserud

27M Bodhy Monserud

Driver Hometown:Ramsey, MN
Age Began Racing:13
Occupation:Hoosier Racing Tire
Twitter Page URL:
Facebook Page URL:https://m.facebook.com/bodhy.monserud?ref=bookmarks

How did you get into racing? Ramsey Raceway opened up just 8 minutes from our house and I raced flat karts there from 2012-2014

What is your favorite night at the track? Winning by a full strait both heats and feature in flat karts

What do you do when you aren’t racing?
I like to go hunting, rock crawling, and race my RC truck with friends
What is your best racing memory? Winning a feature race at Cedar Lake Speedway in flat karts after 3 years of trying

Any other fun facts you’d like to share about yourself?

What do you wish more people knew about racing? Its not just driving around in a circle that wins the race, its the long nights spent in the garage

What’s the biggest challenge you face with racing? Learning how to make the car faster every week

Do you have any advice for someone that is new to racing? Don’t go in expecting to be the best right away. Take your time to get to know the car and treat your car as if it’s your baby. You’re always a winner if the car goes back on the trailer in one piece

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